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Disney World – Sports Style

April 19, 2012

I spent the whole day at Disney World. Yes, it was glorious. But my feet hurt so I’ll make this short and sweet…

Being the baseball nerd that I am, I naturally noticed things related to the sport I love between eating pizza in “Italy” and the Tower of Terror…

In no particular order:

Dodgers gear sightings – 3
Giants gear sightings – 1 (HAH!)
Cubs gear sightings – 2 (including a poor confused soul with a Cubs hat and a Red Sox shirt…)
Phillies gear sightings – 1
Rays gear sightings – 1
White Sox gear sightings – 1
Mariners gear sightings – 1, counting the thing on the pole that looks like their logo. Descriptive, I know.
All other teams – 0. Sucks to be Yu.

That’s all folks. Is it ironic that I’m watching Happy Feet when my real feet hate me? Great film. Highly recommended.

Oh and how could I forget? Tim Tebow gear sightings: 1…aka far too many.

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