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Brian Banks’ Big Break…Finally

May 26, 2012

Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Like when you drive to work and get a flat tire. Or you just have a really bad day, only to get home to realize you’ve had a booger on your cheek since breakfast. You know, things that can make you cry out of frustration.

For example, why can’t white people jump…except for this dude? Why wasn’t I blessed with those kinds of leg muscles?

Anyway, did you see that celebration in the video? That’s nothing compared to how Brian Banks must have felt the other day when he was finally cleared of all charges, stemming from a rape accusation that sent him to five years in prison. Even though there was no DNA test that proved him guilty.

“Life isn’t fair,” doesn’t even begin to do justice for what Banks has gone through since that fateful “makeout session” in high school. A once-promising prep football star had five years of his life ripped away by a conniving young girl, a corrupt legal system, and the worst lawyer of all time.

I’ll try to stay away from the details of the case, because my opinion really doesn’t matter at this point. Let’s just say that the accusation held about as much merit as Bobby Valentine calling another team’s coaches immature and unprofessional

So after all that torture. After seeing his dream ripped away from him on an evidence-less case by a robe and gavel he’ll never forget…what is the one thing Brian Banks wants to do as a free man?

He wants to play football. He wants a shot at NFL glory. And ohhhhh man, what a story that would be. I for one, am rooting for the kid. Anyone in a situation like this deserves a shot at reclaiming his dream. 

But would he be able to compete in the NFL? I did a little research. 

Initially, I could only find a report from, that touched on his exoneration and included a little bit of background on his football career. And apparently, Banks was a star linebacker for Long Beach Poly in Southern California, an annual prep football powerhouse. 

He turned down scholarship offers from Ohio State and Michigan to verbally agree with USC. Linebackers from USC are historically good, most recently churning out Clay Matthews.

Video is hard to find. I couldn’t place any actual scouting tapes of Banks on-field. But anyone who gets scholarship offers to those three schools had to be taken seriously at some point. The game has changed in the last ten years, and it would certainly take Banks a while to get used to the NFL.

But if given a chance at a practice squad contract, and a little coaching, this guy could be a tackling monster. Check out his YouTube channel to see him working out at a local gym. The squats, box jump and dead lift are no joke. This guy is jacked, and could get even bigger and faster with an NFL training regimen.

He’s only 26, and could be had for at least 5 years or more once he gets used to the league. 

I’ll tell you one thing – I’m hoping Banks gets a shot. He’s a Californian, let’s have my 49ers jump on this and see if he can make an impact as a second or third-string linebacker. 

Life isn’t fair. But Banks being free, finally, is justice served.

Season Ticket Saturday!

April 7, 2012

I had a mini fantasy baseball catastrophe today. Forgot to start Miguel Cabrera (he of two home runs). Bummer. But I’ve been watching the Giants lose and drop to 0-2, so I feel better.

Today is all about Season Ticket! If you don’t already like the Facebook page, get on it! If you don’t already follow us on Twitter, get on it! If you haven’t checked out our video plea to Ellen DeGeneres…GET ON IT! We’re about three weeks away from starting this epic adventure and could use all the support we can get.

For those of you who have ignored my bombardment of links to this point, here’s a quick rundown:

The name of the project is Season Ticket: The Ultimate Baseball Project – 30 Parks, 1 Summer. We are road tripping across the United States starting at the end of this month in the home of the defending champion St. Louis Cardinals, and ending in the new Miami Marlins’ stadium just before October.

Along the way, we’ll see one game at every stadium, all the while blogging, podcasting, vlogging, Tweeting and Facebooking our adventures. But this isn’t just a glorified summer vacation. My girlfriend and travel partner, Kelsey Shea and I are both serious writers trying to get our work out there.

Still, that’s not enough is it? That’s why our ultimate goal with the trip is to determine the best baseball experience in America! Is it better to catch a game in San Francisco or Los Angeles? Detroit or Chicago? New York or Boston? That is exactly what we are out to determine.

We want people to follow the journey, get involved (we’ll be posting trivia questions and such along the way to keep everyone interested!), and help vote their city and team to the top of the rankings!

This is a project that has no competition; we’re the only people doing it. We just need a little financial help. We’re doing a side project with, hopefully making revenue off our YouTube channel (subscribe, please!!!), and using some of our own funds. But we still need more.

So reach out to any baseball-happy, charity-friendly people you know and tell them about our project. We have three weeks to make a little moola to assure this dream trip happens! We have an IndieGoGo account if you’re feeling extra generous.

Baseball all summer? In person? Yes please.

Week 1 – That’s a Wrap

February 16, 2012

Amidst the madness of today’s awesomeness, I nearly forgot about my little Jam Shots blog! I’m sorry, Jam Shots. I’ll buy you a beer later to make up for it. Week one of campaigning for my MLB Fan Cave spot is in the books. It literally felt like a month, as I’ve never spent so much time in front of a computer trying to advertise myself in such a short amount of time.

I feel like Christina Ricci in Black Snake Moan, just pimping out my body almost against my will. I mean for God’s sake, I made THIS to get attention. I’m still unsatisfied with the media exposure I’ve received, although a Daily Evergreen article from Washington State University and a sweet blog from’s Lasorda’s Lair is definitely helping matters.

But I’m hoping to get either a TV or radio station, or at the very least a bigger news source to pick up my story. Who doesn’t want to talk to the brave, strikingly handsome young lad who’s daring to jump into the ring and gladiate against 49 other men and women? Okay, that was obviously a metaphor but thanks for mistaking me for Russell Crowe. I’m speaking more to the ability of yours truly to be a living, breathing, Dodger freak in Giants country. That’s the angle the FanSided blog takes, and I love it.

Speaking of that blog, they used a marketing tool I hadn’t thought of. Why in the world am I not ferociously trying to contact the actor who played Roger Dorn in Major League?! I don’t know…why don’t I drive a Maserati? Why did Chris Webber call timeout? Why did it take four sequels for the Fast and the Furious people to realize The Rock fist fighting Vin Diesel would be movie magic? Because all these people were STUPID. Like me.

But now, thanks to the blog, I’m all over that shit. I’m going to hunt down this man’s Twitter, his Facebook, his LinkedIn, his e-mail. Whatever it will take to get a public endorsement from one of the most memorable baseball characters in cinematic history. And my hash tag will henceforth be changed from #JamCave to #RogerDodger4Cave. Or something to that effect. It’s still in the works.

I have to tell you, this campaigning is damn tiring. I have tweeted over 600 times since this madness began last Wednesday, and the only time I go on Facebook is to advertise my plea for votes even more. I’m tired of staring at my goofy mug on the thumbnail of the video next to the VOTE button on the MLB Fan Cave website. I’m sure you are too, but you have to keep voting. Or else. If one good thing comes out of this crazy campaign scramble, it’s that I’m actually learning how to navigate LinkedIn. Granted, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Oh well. What can ya do?

Even if I feel more snubbed by the media than Klay Thompson, Monta Ellis and Brandon Rush for the NBA All-Star Game festivities (Psyche! That’s literally impossible…that’s a blopic for a different day), I’m going to keep pushing. Because just like the Jamaican bobsled team, I’ve got something to prove. And a race to win.

Keep voting for me in the MLB Fan Cave competition, follow me on Twitter @jamblinman and LIKE my Facebook page. And if you must, enjoy my incredibly embarrassing video. Much love – let’s win one for the Roger.

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