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Not So Saintly

March 3, 2012

Ugh. This story disgusts me. For anyone who hasn’t already heard, the New Orleans Saints (ironic, now) kept a “bounty fund” that rewarded defensive players for inflicting injury upon opposing players. That is absolutely unbelievable, immoral and deserves exceptionally strict penalties.

I understand that defensive players are paid to knock the crap out of anyone who’s carrying a football. They are taught to use helmets, pads, and the hardest, sharpest parts of their bodies to do whatever it takes to get that guy to the ground. But “jacking someone up” or “knocking someone out” are phrases. That’s not truly what the mindset of the majority of players is.

Except, apparently, if motivated by an extra $1,000.

So these gigantic human WMDs who already pull in at least half a mil per year, need an extra thousand dollars as a reward for hurting fellow athletes and friends? It’s unfathomable. And to think, it’s an organization that I had come to respect greatly and even secretly root for when they weren’t facing off against the 49ers.

I don’t know how many dark, mysterious adjectives I can use in one post to describe my feelings, but the first  emotion I had when the story broke was just pure disgust.

I can guarantee you right now that the best, most fierce linebackers in the game are not on that field aiming to hurt anyone. Patrick Willis. Clay Matthews. Even Ray Lewis, despite his intensity, is a soldier of the game. He plays to win, but he does it with class and respect, as all athletes should do.

Look, in high school I fake tagged at second base and the runner injured his ankle sliding late to avoid the throw that never came. I felt terrible. I know fake tagging is done even at the Major League level, and as a 15-year-old it’s almost excusable as just an immature act, but that doesn’t change the fact that another player was physically harmed because of something I did.

Professional athletes are on the biggest stage in the world and have NO excuse for things like that.

So, what are the repercussions? Time will tell. But everyone who crapped their pants over the Patriots’ Spygate incident a few years ago is probably internally combusting right now. Because this is far, far worse. And far more disturbing.

I think, as the article states, that the Saints should be hit with at least three lost picks and a hefty fine. But perhaps more damaging to that team is the respect they will lose from the rest of the league and the general fan base. All I know is if any of those players on defense are carrying the ball at some point next year, they are going to get absolutely rocked.

And those hits will be for free.

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