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Albert Whojols?

May 12, 2012

The Jam Shot du jour is all about Albert. I figured it was only appropriate, given that I left St. Louis three days ago and am now a mere 300 miles away from Los Angeles. Westward we go!

Sure, I’m making the same trek Pujols made in the offseason, only I’m not being paid as much to do it. And I’m probably more valuable sitting in my boxers in a sketchy Arizona hotel than Albert has been to his new team.

As of his first at-bat in today’s game, Pujols is hitting .191 on the season. Meanwhile, back in St. Louis, the 1st-place Cardinals are reaping the benefits of one Carlos Beltran, Pujols’ replacement.

Not only does Beltran have 12 home runs (including three games in which he’s hit two – double Albert’s total for the whole season), but he’s presenting a legitimate challenge to Matt Kemp for NL MVP.

So is Pujols toast? Sure, other sluggers are also struggling right now (Jose Bautista, where have you gone?!). But none have the talent, aura, nor quantity of offseason headlines like number five does.

That being said, slumps happen. Even very, very terrible ones at incredibly inopportune times. And Albert Pujols is a future Hall of Famer for a reason.

While I won’t maintain my pre-season prediction that the Angels would win the West, I do think the Angels are a playoff team.

And I really do believe Pujols will hit 30 homers and drive in 100 runs. He will probably hit .320 also, because that’s what he does.

This is a testament to how good a hitter Pujols really is. He has been mashing the ball for a big chunk of the year, just right at people. Once he gets comfortable, watch out world.

Our dear old friend Albert will be back in full force and he’s not going to be gentle. Don’t get too cozy, Rangers fans.

When that bat comes alive and your division lead is suddenly in question, I’ll be somewhere in a shitty hotel in my boxers saying I told ya so.

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