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The Tebow of Basketball

February 11, 2012

You know I couldn’t wait much longer to talk about the phenomenon of Jeremy Lin (great first name by the way…has a ring to it). He is the Tim Tebow of the NBA. Except he’s actually making a difference in their wins. Wait. So. Maybe he’s just…good?

Nawwwww. No way. No seriously. Even Kobe can’t contain the guy. It really is a great story though. Apparently, Lin wasn’t even a star in high school, but in the unlikeliest of scenarios, he’s now the starting point guard for the New York Knicks, wowing the home crowd at the Garden. I swear, if Lin carries the Knicks to the playoffs, he’s the biggest underdog in the history of sports.

So you think steroids in baseball are bad? How about cocaine? This isn’t the first time a former player has admitted to playing on coke, but it’s still considered not as bad as steroids for some reason. I will never understand that. Both drugs will mess you up, and clearly steroids aid a player more, but it’s freakin’ COCAINE. It’s almost impressive that these guys could play while coked out. But really it’s just stupid. I’m the foremost complainer about steroid-riddled players, but next time I bitch and moan about it, I’ll keep in mind that my favorite player could be doing lines in the locker room instead.

The biggest event of the sports weekend? Surprisingly, THIS. Notice that name hovering around the top with one round left to play? That’s Tiga Tiga Woods y’all! Even if you don’t like golf, even if you don’t like Tiger, you can’t pretend it doesn’t tickle your sports fan nipples every time Tiger is in the hunt going into the final round. I know I’ll be keeping an eye on that scoreboard all day tomorrow. That’s fer shizzle.

Lastly, did anyone see the video of Will Ferrell announcing the starting lineups for the New Orleans Hornets vs. Chicago Bulls game the other day? If not…you’re welcome. Absolutely hilarious.

I leave you with one more plea. My internet is failing miserably and I’m desperate to continue campaigning for my MLBFanCave candidacy. So read this blog, vote for me HERE and follow me on Twitter @jamblinman so I can get that coveted spot in the Big Apple this summer. Much love. Peace!

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