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Word Association

April 18, 2012

Let’s play word association. I’ll type a word, and then say what first comes to my mind. Yeah, that’s right. You don’t get to play. Sucker.

BASEBALL –> Dodgers.

ORLANDO (FL) –> Magic. Johnson. Dodgers.

DISNEY (WORLD) –> Magic. Johnson. Dodgers.

MONEY –> Magic Johnson. Dodgers.

RAINBOW –> Double. Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Indigo. Blue. Dodgers.

CAR –> Drive. Swing and a drive. Home run. Matt Kemp. Dodgers.

PODCAST –> Three Up, Three Down. Rules. Baseball. Dodgers.

T-SHIRT –> Collared. Jersey. James Loney. Dodgers.

BEER –> Budweiser. Dos Equis. Ball park. Dodger Stadium. Dodgers.

CRAZY –> Horse. What? Me. Loves. Dodgers.

SUN –> Shine. Florida. Spring Training. Dodgers.

EFFERVESCENT –> Kelsey Shea. Cardinals. Inferior. To the Dodgers.

And now you see why my life revolves around baseball. There isn’t one damn thing you can say that won’t end with me thinking about my favorite team. Until tomorrow, enjoy eating the Dodgers’ dust, other teams!

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