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Roddy > Roger

February 15, 2012

I’m officially rescinding my promise to not talk about football any longer. It’s just not going to happen. The league is way too full of crazy, selfish, headline-busting characters to try to ignore them for a full spring and summer. That being said, blogees, meet blogger. Angry blogger. Vein-poppingly mad blogger. Punt-a-puppy mad blogger.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. That’s not a response to Roddy’s reaction. That’s out of sheer amazement and frustration that one of the most terrible men in sports is making nearly the same salary as the newly minted 9-year, $214 million man, Prince Fielder. Or two and a half times the salary of Roddy White, one of the better wide receivers in the entire NFL.

Athletes make a crap ton too much money as it is. Because really, they are just playing a game. It’s no fault of their own, if you ask me. It’s the market for athletes today. That aside, it’s getting a little ridiculous when the dude who sits in a suit and just tosses fines and rule changes around like Zeus throwing lightning bolts, is making $20 million a year.

What exactly is Roger Goodell being paid to do? Ruin football? In the NFL today, you are not allowed to tackle, not allowed to kick, not allowed to run or breathe or think. And God forbid you wear blue shoelaces instead of white, or else you’re out a cool $30,000.

A bit of an angry exaggeration. But Goodell, while doing great things for player safety in all the wrong ways, has taken the fun completely out of football. What’s wrong with a little dance in the end zone? Who is going to be offended by Joe Horn’s cell phone? Sprint, because Verizon’s 3G service is better? Give me a break.

I can think of about 20 million better ways to spend $20 million than to pay Goodell this ludicrous amount of cash. Like, oh. Mosquito nets in Africa. Increasing the budget for inner city education. Making a dent, a scratch, barely touching the national debt.

Or hey, let’s reimburse the players who were unnecessarily fined over the last few years. Maybe supply all players with better helmets so concussions are reduced. No, no. That’s crazy talk.

Honestly, even if Goodell was a good commissioner, he should be making around $5 million a year tops. There is no way in Hell he should be absolutely pooping all over the paycheck a dynamic receiver who actually trains, runs, catches, scores, wins and puts fans in the seat on a daily basis is getting.

Roddy the Body is correct. Goodell’s salary is a joke. And so is he. And he’s officially moved into a tie with Skip Bayless for most hated man on Earth.

Excuse me while I go EARN some money. Peace.

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