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Let’s Give a Final Round of Love to the Weird, Little Guys

November 16, 2012

Sorry it’s taken so long to get to this point – all good things are worth waiting for though, right? That’s a saying, no? Whatever, it is now. We’ve finally reached the pinnacle of all that is good in the land of unique sports.

Today, we pit the strange Asian/Middle Eastern sport of Kabaddi against a suburban wunderkind combination sport in Phasketboot, to determine the best “weird” sport in the world.

Because Jam Shots is clearly the authority on something like this. Regardless, I hope you’ve enjoyed my faux tournament and learned a little bit about some weird-but-awesome new sports along the way.

As determined by your votes, this is what it has come down to (click on the picture to enlarge bracket):

And for the final time in this epic tournament of ours, let me break this down for you:

Championship: (4) Kabaddi vs. (8) Phasketboot

In a trail of upsets that only George Mason can match, this Cinderella-story 8th seed is worthy of a Hollywood script. I’ll admit it – I didn’t like what I read about Phasketboot originally, and really had no idea how the game was played. I ranked it low, expecting it to bite the dust early. But on its way to the title bout, Phasketboot defeated heavy favorites in Curling, Fistball and Bossaball by wide margins.

You can thank the sport’s loyal legion of fans on Twitter for that progress. You can also thank them for finally making sense of this mystery sport. Check out the awesome video they sent me here, and bask in the glory that is a hybrid of basketball, football and ultimate frisbee. The best part? All you need is a driveway, basketball hoop, and a football.

I was also surprised to see Kabaddi squeak out a victory in the semifinals over one of my new personal favorites, Chess Boxing. On its impressive path of destruction, Kabaddi also claimed a number one seed, the Olympic sport of Slalom Canoeing. Now the strange sport finds itself up against the darling of the tournament, at a loss for momentum.

Will seeing this video again turn the voters in Kabaddi’s favor? The rules are still fuzzy, but I’ve been told that in between tagging, tackling and jab-stepping comes some breath-holding and ritual chanting. If that’s not the coolest mix of the 5th-grade playground, the XFL, Streetball, scuba diving and being in a cult…well then I don’t know what the heck is.

Let your voices be heard, people. Vote early, vote often, and vote for which “weird” sport you want to see crowned the best of them all. It’s been a long road and I thank you for your undying support.

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Let’s Give a Whole Lotta Love to the Weird, Little Guys

November 3, 2012

You know the drill by now – this is a very formal online tournament to determine which “weird” sport is the best one around. I chose 16 unique sports (i.e. Curling, Racewalking, etc.) and seeded them in two conferences, one through eight. Since then, I created a bracket, put descriptions of the sports down in the blogosphere and let the public vote.

After two rounds, we’ve reached the Final Four. These left standing are the four best, unknown sports out there, as determined by YOU.

The strange sport of phasketboot (apparently a hybrid of football, basketball and ultimate frisbee – I have no confirmation on this because videos don’t seem to exist online) has a strong fan base voting for it and has reached the semifinals as a number eight seed. My two number-one seeds and personal favorites have been upset (curling and slalom canoeing), so only underdogs remain.

Here’s the updated bracket (click on the bracket to enlarge):

And away we go, with two more match-ups to determine the best “weird” sport. I’ve broken them down below, but it’s up to you to vote again. Let’s get this thing rolling!

(6) Chess Boxing vs. (4) Kabaddi

I’m entirely surprised that Kabaddi, a sport that allows for tagging, tackling, chanting and breath-holding, upset the badassery that is slalom canoeing. But I digress. Check out the video of a Kabaddi match and tell me you’re not intrigued. I still don’t fully understand it, but I can’t stop watching. In the other corner (see what I did there?), we have chess boxing. When I stumbled across this sport in my original research, I knew it would go deep in the tournament. What else would I expect of a sport that combines the most physically demanding contest in boxing, with the most mentally draining contest in chess? You have to be an exceptionally smart, tough, strong person to even consider dabbling in chess boxing.

(8) Phasketboot vs. (3) Bossaball

As I mentioned, phasketboot seems to have an unusually large legion of fans in the social media world. For being a sport that is so hard to understand from an outside standpoint, it must be pretty awesome when really played. Check out the basic rules HERE, and if you understand it, let me know. Even though phasketboot has already upset the number one and four seeds, bossaball might be it’s toughest competition yet. Bossaball is essentially a combination of volleyball and soccer, except it’s played on a bounce-house court with trampolines on both sides. No matter what happens in this match up, I promise you the first “weird” sport I’m trying from the whole bracket will be bossaball. Too cool.

Have your say in the polls above. After the votes are tallied (Monday afternoon), I will announce the two finalists for the title of Most Awesomely Weird Sport. There will be no trophy; I apologize. Keep it tuned to Jam Shots to see who moves on, and faces off in the championship bracket.

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Let’s Give Some Love to the Little, Weird Guys

October 29, 2012

So I love sports…I can’t always explain why or how, but I just do. Always have. I thirst for the competition and camaraderie that comes with a game like soccer. Or the strategy and technicality that comes with baseball. The physical insanity that is demanded of football and basketball players.

But there are a lot of strange sports out there too – we all know about curling, trampolining, etc. These are “weird” sports, sure. They are also in Olympic competition, an honor not bestowed upon many other fantastic, awkward sports. For example, have you heard of Blo Ball?

It consists of a ping-pong style set up, and instead of using paddles, the two players blow the ping pong ball back and forth and try to get it past the other. It’s a really stupid mix of ping pong and air hockey. And it’s awesome.

So I thought, hey let’s give a little love to the underdog. Let’s forget the thunderous dunks, mammoth home runs and big hits of NFL Sunday for a minute. Let’s focus on the little guy. So without further adieu, here is my bracket to determine the best “weird” sport out there (click on picture to enlarge bracket):

This is where you all come in. I need your help. If it was up to me, I’d end up just letting curling take the title because I think it’s so freakin’ cool. To avoid my own personal bias for the great shuffleboard-on-ice, we’re putting it to a vote. Let me break down the first round match ups, then tell me which sport should move on to the Elite Eight!

Hang with me here. The first round is always the longest, but you have nothing better to do any way!

(8) Solo Synchronized Swimming vs. (1) Slalom Canoeing

Believe it or not, both of these sports were represented in the Olympics. I was absolutely transfixed by slalom canoeing this year, mostly because I’ve worked at a whitewater rafting company for half a decade now. What they do is a timed slalom course where they go through gates and race for the fastest overall time to the end. The catch is they have to go through every second gate upstream, and are penalized for touching any of the gates – check it out here! And no, you didn’t misread that first one – there is such a thing as solo synchronized swimming. The fact that it’s called that was reason enough to give it an 8th seed, but when you watch the video the ridiculousness is just multiplied.

(7) Middleball vs. (2) Racewalking

What do you get when you combine volleyball, a beach ball and a racquetball court? You get middleball. That’s really all it is. Have fun playing with your grandparents! This is a tough match up against one of the most unique but hilarious sports out there. The Olympic sport of racewalking. It gets a number two seed just for being hilarious.

(6) Chess Boxing vs. (3) Joggling

The reason I initially seeded joggling as the higher of these two is because I had the idea in my head that it was super awesome. Then I looked it up. It’s kind of funny, but mostly just a snoozer. It does take coordination though. But you’re telling me that the most mentally draining sport in the world, combined with the most physically demanding isn’t more awesome? Because I just defined chess boxing for you. Absolutely crazy!

(5) Zorbing vs. (4) Kabaddi

Another disappointing one for me was Zorbing. Don’t get me wrong, it looks like a ton of fun. But is it really a “sport?” You basically just get in a big, plastic bubble and roll down a hill. At least Kabaddi has some strategy and teamwork involved. It doesn’t get much weirder than a sport that requires you to hold your breath and chant the name of the game. I still don’t really get it, but Kabaddi is just strange enough to possibly move on.

(8) Phasketboot vs. (1) Curling

I feel bad for Phasketboot lovers. All nine of them. It’s a very strange made-up game, but it’s also very stupid. It didn’t stand a chance to begin with against curling, the king of weird sports. Phasketboot is advertised as a hybrid of basketball, football and ultimate frisbee – but it’s mostly just confusing. We all know what curling is, but check out this video anyway!

(7) Octopush vs. (2) Trampolining

Octopush (a.k.a. Underwater Hockey) gets bonus points for having a cool name, but it’s going to be a tough match up against the Olympic sport of trampolining. As cool as it sounds, octopush really just combines snorkeling with underwater field hockey. I can’t help but laugh at the little sticks they use, either. Check out this synchronized trampolining routine I found – straight insanity!

(6) Toe Wrestling vs. (3) Bossaball

Seriously? Who likes feet so much that you’d be willing to take the career path of a professional toe wrestler? This one smells funky to me (it’s the same thing as arm wrestling, just with big toes). On the other hand, Bossaball is freakin’ awesome! The whole point of bossaball is to spike the ball in a three-point zone. It’s an inflatable volleyball court with trampolines in the middle. Just…just watch. And be amazed.

(5) Blo Ball vs. (4) Fistball

I detailed Blo Ball in the introduction, but here’s a video for you. It is as weird as it sounds, yes. Fistball intrigues me. That’s totally something I could play with my friends in a park, as long as we have a volleyball net set up. It’s basically long-distance volleyball using only fists, and the ball is supposed to bounce once. Check it out here.

Okay, adoring public. It’s up to you! Tell me who moves to the Elite Eight, and I’ll have the next round blogged up and ready to go as soon as I get some results.

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