A Toast to the Team With The Mostest (Wins In the NL West…)

Nine and a half back on June twenty two
Dodger fans singin the last-place blues

#FireMattingly trends every day
Time to trade Kemp, it’s already May

Too many people actin like quitters
Instead of embracing what I was preaching on twitter

Collarbones, hammys and shoulders galore
Forced us to play guys with negative WAR

I said “Wait for the lineup to finally click!”
These “fans” kept hating, making me sick

So I got off the web and tried to ignore,
But had to peek every batter or four

I changed my bio to a simple claim,
After the team’s 50th bad game
See y’all at the West title party
The jeers were loud, and the laughs were hearty

Then a godsend from Cuba got the call,
And Hanley recovered and stopped our fall

Dre started swingin, Jazz Hands too
And luck started turnin for Dodger Blue

Everyone surprised at the run they made
Except for the few who knew they could play

Kershaw making a historic run,
Greinke and Ryu and Ricky stun

Paco and Kenley lock it down,
While Crawford and Ellis continue to pound
9 and a half back on June 22
From worst to first goes Dodger Blue

Now it’s official, it’s finally here
The division is ours, playoffs are near
So to every single fan who stuck it out

Stand for Vin and give it a a shout:

“We at the West party there was never a doubt!”

To the fair weather fans who nearly gave up

Grab a drink and lift your cup

Take this as a lesson to NEVER give up

Sarcastically asking every day
If I “got World Series tickets? They can’t even play!”
Yes, I do, as a matter of fact
You should too, despite the faith you lacked

So even if you were negative all spring
Let’s cheers our beers and drink and sing

Raise your glass for a toast, I say

As we celebrate an awesome, glorious, happy #ClinchDay

To the team we all love
That came back from the dead
Made the #DodgerFam proud
And their opponents dread

Here’s to the Dodgers, our NL West champs,
Their march to October and a World Series chance.

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