Let’s Give a Whole Lotta Love to the Weird, Little Guys

You know the drill by now – this is a very formal online tournament to determine which “weird” sport is the best one around. I chose 16 unique sports (i.e. Curling, Racewalking, etc.) and seeded them in two conferences, one through eight. Since then, I created a bracket, put descriptions of the sports down in the blogosphere and let the public vote.

After two rounds, we’ve reached the Final Four. These left standing are the four best, unknown sports out there, as determined by YOU.

The strange sport of phasketboot (apparently a hybrid of football, basketball and ultimate frisbee – I have no confirmation on this because videos don’t seem to exist online) has a strong fan base voting for it and has reached the semifinals as a number eight seed. My two number-one seeds and personal favorites have been upset (curling and slalom canoeing), so only underdogs remain.

Here’s the updated bracket (click on the bracket to enlarge):

And away we go, with two more match-ups to determine the best “weird” sport. I’ve broken them down below, but it’s up to you to vote again. Let’s get this thing rolling!

(6) Chess Boxing vs. (4) Kabaddi

I’m entirely surprised that Kabaddi, a sport that allows for tagging, tackling, chanting and breath-holding, upset the badassery that is slalom canoeing. But I digress. Check out the video of a Kabaddi match and tell me you’re not intrigued. I still don’t fully understand it, but I can’t stop watching. In the other corner (see what I did there?), we have chess boxing. When I stumbled across this sport in my original research, I knew it would go deep in the tournament. What else would I expect of a sport that combines the most physically demanding contest in boxing, with the most mentally draining contest in chess? You have to be an exceptionally smart, tough, strong person to even consider dabbling in chess boxing.

(8) Phasketboot vs. (3) Bossaball

As I mentioned, phasketboot seems to have an unusually large legion of fans in the social media world. For being a sport that is so hard to understand from an outside standpoint, it must be pretty awesome when really played. Check out the basic rules HERE, and if you understand it, let me know. Even though phasketboot has already upset the number one and four seeds, bossaball might be it’s toughest competition yet. Bossaball is essentially a combination of volleyball and soccer, except it’s played on a bounce-house court with trampolines on both sides. No matter what happens in this match up, I promise you the first “weird” sport I’m trying from the whole bracket will be bossaball. Too cool.

Have your say in the polls above. After the votes are tallied (Monday afternoon), I will announce the two finalists for the title of Most Awesomely Weird Sport. There will be no trophy; I apologize. Keep it tuned to Jam Shots to see who moves on, and faces off in the championship bracket.

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