Let’s Give Some (More) Love to the Little, Weird Guys

We’re back! After a surprisingly high voter turnout in Round One, we are officially moved on to the Elite Eight of the weird sport bracket! For those of you that are just tuning in, here is what we have going on.

This is simply a testament to the fact that outside of the worlds of baseball, football, basketball, soccer and hockey, there are some pretty badass sports.

We may not know of them or appreciate them, but the skill it takes to play a game of fistball or take part in a curling match should not go unnoticed. That’s what I’m here for.

I’m putting together the “weird sport” tournament, which has already run the course of one opening round. We’re here to determine the best “weird” sport out there. Check out what the updated bracket looks like (click to enlarge):

Among the surprises of Round One were a very high amount of support for the number eight seed Phasketboot, which was one of my original least interesting choices. Hence, the lowest ranking. But for the first time in weird sports tournament history, a number eight seed has upset a number one seed, and the pre-tournament favorite has been ousted.

Even though everyone knows curling is the greatest weird sport out there, it got too cocky and was sent packing. I have to give props to the Phasketboot fans out there for coming out strong in the polls.

Here is the run down of the rest of the round. I’ll set up the new match-ups in the same way I did the last one. Here goes nothing:

(6) Chess Boxing vs. (2) Racewalking

I’m not surprised by either of these sports moving on, even though chess boxing was the lower seed. Racewalking is so incredibly hilarious that middleball never stood a chance of upsetting it. Just for poops and giggles, here is the link to that video of somebody racewalking again. It is up against the best low seed in the tournament in chess boxing, a daring mix of chess and boxing. Personally, I’m leaning towards chess boxing again just because of how mentally and physically draining the sport is. But it’s up to the voters! Have your say here:

(4) Kabaddi vs. (1) Slalom Canoeing

Again, two pretty safe bets to move on. Kabaddi is very, very strange and requires a lot of strategy, quickness, teamwork and…lung capacity? Is it a weird enough sport to upset my personal favorite, slalom canoeing? If you missed the Olympic competition, check out this video. It’s hard enough to maneuver a canoe in that amount of white water, let alone through a slalom course, let alone having to go back upstream through the gates on every other one.

(8) Phasketboot vs. (4) Fistball

Here is that Cinderella story, Phasketboot. I’m still not entirely sure how the game works, but I’ve been assured by its legion of fans that it makes sense and is sensationally fun. I’ll believe it when I see it – for now, I’m sticking with fistball, the long-distance version of volleyball in which you can only use your fists, and have to allow the ball to bounce once on each side before hitting it.

(3) Bossaball vs. (2) Trampolining

I have a feeling this match-up won’t even be close. Believe it or not, I think bossaball will sail into the semifinals. Both sports utilize a trampoline, but bossaball also includes a blow-up court and a volleyball net. Not to take anything away from the Olympic competition, because I’m sure the moves they do are very technically difficult. But give me a ball, a net and a bounce house any day.

I’ll set the deadline for this round of voting for Saturday afternoon, November 3rd. When the votes have been tallied, we will have our Final Four and will be one step closer to determining the best weird sport in the world! Because I am totally the authority on these things. Apparently.

Just vote! I’ll see you next time.


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