Breaking Down a Badass Play

Holy macaroni. What an awesome play. That’s the coolest baseball-related video I’ve seen since being taken to school by Harvard baseball’s Call Me Maybe cover.

Let’s drop the beat and break this thang on down:

So the first thing I think of when watching this video is “no fair!” Why? Because I never got to play on such a sweet ass field when I was in high school! That thing is absolutely gorgeous.

Anyway, what exactly is that swing in the video? I’ve seen a ball get popped up like that, but not on a full swing. Either the batter has zero power, or that ball is of the wiffle variety. 

I’m still undecided whether or not the catcher purposely popped the ball back up in the air. If so, he’s a freakin’ genius. Sort of. Because if that was intentional, I immediately wonder two things:

1) Why did he pop it back up so far out of his pitcher’s way?

2) Why the hell didn’t he just catch the damn ball?

Verdict: He just kind of sucks. The ball should have been caught the first time.

Fantastically athletic play by the pitcher though to make a curling, diving, barehanded grab of the ball. Andddd then it all goes to crap because on a simple dive onto grass and dirt, he got the wind knocked out of him.

Just because you’re an athlete, doesn’t make you a manly man. Exhibit A: this video.

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