The Red, The White, The Blue

Memorial Day in baseball is one of the most properly done holidays in any sport in the world. I don’t know what other sports do for certain holidays necessarily, but I don’t care. This is an entire day, dedicated to honoring our troops overseas who serve to protect us. And through the vein of America’s Pastime, no less.

During the Cardinals vs. Braves game at Turner Field today, a family (mother, two daughters, two sons, all kids mid-teens or younger) were honored on the field because the husband/father was a veteran.

He recorded a message to play over the Jumbotron. Then, as one would expect…surprise! Daddy’s home. He came out onto the field, back from the war surprisingly early. The kids nearly tackled him and the moment altogether was incredibly touching. The kids were a mixture of laughing and crying, and it was hard to not get a little choked up just watching in my living room.

This is one of the many millions of reasons I love baseball. Is there any better setting for an epic reunion like that?

In the NBA, they’d have to come through tunnels into an enclosed space. In football, there aren’t hardly enough stopping points to make it happen. Soccer? Fughhetabboudit!

The way Memorial Day is handled across stadiums in America during the MLB season is second to none. Major props to the league for doing such a fantastic job.

Remember, people. When you think “America,” word association should lead you to, in order: “Apple pie,” “baseball,” and “freedom.”

Well, you can thank your mom for making a delicious apple pie, and handing you a slice while you watch a military family reunite on a baseball field. And don’t worry about saying to the man in the camo on your TV screen, “Thank you.” For the freedom he and his comrades give us all.

God Bless America. And baseball. And everything it stands for.


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