Faster Than a Speeding Fastball

Maybe you’ve heard. Another pro athlete got arrested for speeding. Big whoop, right? Only this time it’s a special case.

The cool thing about this incidence is that the athlete in question was arrested for driving 93 MPH, which is about 10 MPH slower than he throws a baseball.

Yes, you guessed it. The Reds’ new closer, Aroldis Chapman, was pulled over for exceeding the speed limit and driving with a suspended license.

Nobody got hurt, except for his driving record, so we can laugh about this. That being said, here goes:

Chapman and his 0.00 ERA at the back end of the bullpen has been straight studly this season, and I find it hilarious that 93 MPH is probably slower than his change-up.

See, if you don’t know, Chapman has hit 103 MPH in a big league game before. Some argue it was 104. Either way, he can’t even get arrested driving that fast, let alone throwing it that fast.

The majority of Major League players can’t throw 93 MPH when they crank it their hardest, let alone as a change up. Poor, old Jamie Moyer hasn’t even seen 90 MPH since the 80’s.

So what I’m wondering, is did they actually catch Chapman speeding? Or was he just standing on the side of the road, Dennis Quaid style, throwing a change up past the radar gun?

If it’s the latter (most likely), the gun must be broken. Because I don’t think Chapman can physically slow his arm down enough to touch below 95.

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One Response to “Faster Than a Speeding Fastball”

  1. mamadwc Says:

    This made me chuckle – well done!

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