Things I Hate

One thing I refuse to make excuses about for my team’s pitchers, or any pitchers for that matter…is walking the other team’s pitcher.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 fastballs down the middle to most pitchers. Granted, there are some pitchers who can swing, but they play every fifth day and hardly take BP.

And sure, pitchers have a chip on their shoulders in the batter’s box. But that doesn’t make them a threat.

Pitchers hit because they are required to. And for the sacrifice bunt opportunities that sometimes arise.

Let’s say this hypothetical pitcher is a good hitter. Like a Carlos Zambrano or Mike Hampton type. Then, you throw a fastball by them, a curveball to mess with his vision, and something out of the zone that he will chase.

Pitchers should be automatic outs. The law of averages says a hit by a pitcher will happen occasionally, but walking is unacceptable.

You are basically handing the opposing team a rally.

So, pitchers. Next time your positional counter part strides to the dish, just throw three down the middle so this blogger doesn’t blow his lid.


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