If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

If you give a mouse a cookie…

…the Nationals will call up a rookie.

If you give that rookie a chance…

…he’ll get a kick in the pants.

If you kick him in the pants…

…the rookie will go on a rant.

If he rants like a little bitch…

…he’ll get hit in the head by a pitch.

If that pitch is thrown by a Dodger…

…the Nats may as well not bother.

If they bother to retaliate…

…Matt Kemp will make them pay.

If Matt makes them pay…

…it’ll ruin the Nats’ big day.

If you haven’t yet figured out…

…who the hell I’m talking about.

It’s that little punk ass Harper, Bryce…

…getting called up to play tomorrow night.

If Harper thinks he is here to stay…

…he’ll get a reality check in L.A.

Go Dodgers. Screw Bryce Harper. Thanks for reading.

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