Tickets to the Gun Show

Yes I have worked out lately, thanks for noticing! I’m also writing this from 30,ooo feet above the ground. But the title has absolutely nothing to do with my body and the plane I’m in is NOT equipped with guns (as far as I know…hmm).

But technology is a beautiful thing ain’t it? I can get Internet access from a cross-country flight and it’s only a tad bit sketchier than my old college house’s connection. “Yumrocket,” we affectionately named that connection. Sigh. Good times. But I digress.

Not only does this miraculous Internet connection from Southwest give me the opportunity to talk smack on Twitter, it allowed me to follow along with tonight’s Dodgers vs. Brewers broadcast. Yes, I know what happened. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

UPDATE: As I get further into this blog, the true colors of the WiFi begin to show. If I have to change the auto-corrected “LPGA” back to “blog” one more time, I’m gonna rage harder than Bobby Valentine at an all-umpire convention. Why would it auto-correct to LPGA anyway? There is absolutely no way I have blogged about Michelle Wie and friends..

Anyway, back to your regularly scheduled blog already in progress:

The best part of  watching baseball from a bird’s eye view (see what I did there? *bows*) was seeing replays of two RIDICULOUS outfield throws.

Is there anything sweeter than a perfectly thrown bullet from deep in the outfield to cut down an  unexpecting runner? Methinks not. Check out the arm on Josh Reddick of the Oakland A’s!

And you have all met Mr. Rick Ankiel by now, right? Wowzers…thanks to Kevin Klinck for that link. Surname rhyme for the win!

Well the final descent is about to happen here on lovely flight #505. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @Jamblinman. Tune back daily for more Jam Shots.

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