A Blown Call

Look, everyone has one or two kids in their graduating class who can’t walk due to some type of circumstance – whether it be academic, behavioral or anything in between. And most schools have strict attendance policies surrounding the issue. If you miss a certain amount of days in your senior year, you don’t walk.

Seems fair, right? Especially at a number like 14. Unless you are deathly ill, 14 is a number you shouldn’t exceed. But what if you surpass the number because someone you are taking care of is deathly ill? What if that someone is your own mother?

Check out this story.

Austin Fisher is one of the most mature, courageous teenagers I’ve ever heard of. And the fact that he is not allowed to walk in graduation is enraging.

It is clearly a frightening amount of laziness being employed by this school’s board of directors, or whoever enforces attendance policies. I can only hope they reverse the ruling ASAP.

I played high school baseball. It’s not a small-time commitment. I quit my part-time job because I knew doing both would be pushing it. With eight hours a day of class, then two hours of practice and at least an hour of homework, there’s not a lot of time for anything else in a day, let alone when you add in two jobs and full-time care of your ailing mother.

Saying “if we make an exception for you, we have to make an exception for everyone” does not apply in this case. This is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of situation. And the powers that be really need to get that through their thick skulls. In fact, it amazes me that he only missed 16 days in one year with such a hectic schedule.

This kid should be drafted to the pro’s for character alone. His mother’s only dream is to see him graduate and get handed his diploma. Let them have this. Stop letting “policies” get in the way of simple human decency. End rant.

Please sign the petition to “Let Fish Walk.” The kid deserves it!

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