Isle de Real Madrid

I’m sure that title is in multiple languages and grammatically incorrect. But it sounds kind of cool to say out loud. And it’s real – check this out. And people think MLB players get paid too much. I bet you the Yankees couldn’t afford to buy their own island. That’s not the issue today, though. The question is, will this work?

Methinks not. I think it will be talked about for a long time, planned out, budgeted for…and then the powers that be will realize they are building a billion-dollar complex on an island that will probably crumble into the ocean anyway.

These man-made islands in the United Arab Emirates don’t necessarily have the best track record when it comes to staying afloat. And it’s not necessarily an island anymore if it’s not above sea level. That’s a basic geography lesson for ya.

Personally, I hope they can find a way to guarantee that the island would hold up. Because that fantasy soccer island looks INCREDIBLE. I don’t even root for Real Madrid, but they are one of the most popular brands in the universe and are using their money wisely. Well, as wisely as a major sports organization can. I mean, at least they aren’t blowing it all on court proceedings like somebody’s favorite team…

I know one thing for sure. If this IS built, I’ll go visit. I really will. I think this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever hypothetically witnessed. I’ll just make sure to go in the first couple years, before I have to swim from the hotel to the soccer pitch.

And for all you fools complaining about gas prices going up as a result of this, don’t you know Honey Badger don’t care? Real Madrid is in Spain…what do they care if American gas prices rise as a result of their island?

I say props for doing something to make this world an even more awesome place.


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